(14 FEBRUARY 2004)

There's no time for lonely hearts at The InnCrowd on Valentine's Day, just a whole lot of insane fun and mad laughter. Tradition dictates that blokes should drop their pants and put on a skirt, whilst girls should cultivate a moustache and grow a beard.

Thanks to everyone bunking with us on Valentine's Day, our Annual Cross-Dressing Ball was a great success. Special thanks to Paul B who was an excellent MC for the pageant. And... congratulations to Dave T, who is now the proud winner of Miss Smut Singapore 2004.

Feel how soft my hair is.

Elisabeth "Kurt Cobain" and Doris.

Stubbled Ulli.

Cool dudes, Julie and Jess.

Competitve Contestants of Miss Smut Singapore 2004.

Elisabeth, Lore, Nicola and Charlotte.

Dudes, pimps and perverts waiting for the contestants.

Kicking off the "Rough Bitch Contest".


Contestant No. 1: A twirlin' Pete B.

Contestant No. 2: Daniel-a from Germany.

Contestant No. 3: Babs aka Her Vajesty, hairy babe from Glasgow with the royal touch.

Contestant No. 4: Jon P, beauty in a nasty blue, satin number.

Contestant No. 5: Mark goin' for the hairband with flashing lights and granny shoes look. Class!

Contestant No. 6: Barry Flat-Chested lookin' good in a floral sarong.

Contestant No. 7: Playmate Dave: "Size matters."

Contestant No. 8: Gareth Pointy Breasts and her lucky flip flops.

Contestant No. 9: Little Miss Chris, monkey farmer's daughter with mittens for hands.

Contestant No. 10: Bristol John in a sexy black number.

Contestant No. 11: Girl-Next-Door Paul.

Contestant No. 12: Underwear model Jon S sashays his way down with ease... and a bottle of Tiger.

Contestant No. 13: Scott dancing her way down the stairs.

Contestant No. 14: Sebastian aka Inge the Swedish schoolteacher.

Contestants No. 15, 16 and 17: Neil, Andy and Peter, as Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the favourite wives of Sult'an Pepa.

Contestant No. 18: Showgirl Steve.

Contestant No. 19: Mike, the Hawaiian chick.

Finger food and that mind-blowing punch.

Dave and Jon P flirting with the guys.

Breasts are useful. You'll always have a place to rest your beer.

The Two Jons.

John, Andy (Babs) and Paul B.

Pete B demonstrates how she would normally fake her orgasm.

Daniel, the Dancing Queen.

Sneaky Babs' Pubic Passion.

Dirty Dancing.

Scott and his blowjob.

A frightened Claire.

Lesbian action.

Smoke Break.

I swallow.

Get it up ye!

Sniff ma bobby.

Little Miss Chris goes up the ladder...to get happy.

Excited male audience.

Paul giving Lore a lap dance.

Crowning of Miss Smut Singapore 2004.

Dave gets emotional.

Starting the Auction. Bidding for a "girl" starts from 20 cents.

Jacqui, the wee Scottish lad in a kilt, bought 5 "girls" for a song.

Let's take the party outside.

Kate joins Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Contestants turned streetwalkers.

G-string over Calvin Klein.


Paul gets picked up.

Beer shopping at the local coffee shop.

Mark, Random Male, Dave and Jon P.

Mark and his bum-duster.

Striptease Andy.

Flippin' Pete.

'Nuff Said.