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Kristen Seon
I had a really great time staying at the Inn Crowd and I'll certainly recommend it to anyone heading your way in the future. Thanks for everything!! xo
Tuesday 12 July 2005 00:31 - Canada

Klemens aus Oesterreich!!!
Griass Eich Leitln!!!

Jo des is so a Soch mit da Sproach, so maybe better I write in English. I'm in KoSamet now and enjoy the 3 B's (Beer, Beaches and Babes)
Tomorrow, I am on the road again - back to BKK to meet my friend.
Keep in touch, always think back to my very good time in the-inncrowd
kisses to the girls!
Tuesday 5 July 2005 18:40 - KoSamet, Thailand

Hi all!
How's everything in Singapore? hostel still fully booked and rocking I guess...

It's not even summer proberly in Germany right now, that stoppedthe day I arrived back home last week. Since it's often rainy :-( Liked the Sinporian weather much better!

Kind regards to all of your staff!
Especially to Push 'n Pull * Ryan (found anyone new to play ppol for beers, yet ;-) ?

Alright got to go,

Had a fantastic time in TheInnCrowd !!! Thanks a lot, and take care of that backpacker-jewel you guys have down there!

I'll be back... :-)

Tuesday 5 July 2005 18:30 - Germany

Craig Davies
Hey Guys!
Just wanted to say thanks again fo rmaking my stays at Inn Crowd so good. To Vicki, Justin, Ama, Sue, Bryan (sp?) you guys are the best. You made me feel like InnCrowd was my second home. So I say to you all if you ever make it to Canada, email me and feel free to make my place your second home.
take care and I hope to see you all soon.

Tuesday 28 June 2005 18:08 - Changi Airport... oh the hours I dwindle

Sten von Kuhn
Hi all you wonderful people at the best guesthouse in the world!

Im sitting here at changi airport now and thought i should right something in your guestbook! Im going to miss you all.. loved staying at the inn crowd and all you people working there made my ten days go past so fast.. I'll definitly be seeing you againg in a near future.. hope you van make it with out me :):):)

Special hallo's to push and pull! :) hehe

See you soon!// Sten from sweden
Monday 27 June 2005 16:24 - Sweden

Jun Gonzales
hello there to all of you,

i'm back home now and working again.

well, i'd just like to thank you all for making my vacation truly wonderful. your place rocks.

kudos to all the friendly and hardworking people there who keep up with us rowdy drinking transients.

hope to see you again.

jun aka felix
Thursday 23 June 2005 11:42 - Philippines

Cameron Elliott
I must say that the key reason I stayed at the 'InnCrowd" was because of its webpage. When I arrived the whole experience was brilliant, Vicky especially was extemely nice and made it one of those 'unforgetable' experiences in my life. At the end of the day they were helpful, accomodating, friendly. All I can say is thankyou for your hospitality. Cam from Australia
Wednesday 22 June 2005 18:58 - Australia

Joseph D. Nassoiy
I stayed at your dorm for 9 days earlier this month and have comment. The lights in the 15 bed dorm over on the next street should be turned off at a specified time. Don't expect the dorm people to do it. Often, somebody is in bed reading. People will not turn off lights when someone is reading. If someone is reading and the lights are on, others (myself) cannot get to sleep. With the lights on, it encourages people to talk and make noise, reducing the ability of others to sleep. I suggest strongly that someone who works at your hostel there go over and turn off the lights at a specified time. Also, I was awakened more than once by cell phones early in the morning. This is highly annoying. They should be banned in the dorm in no uncertain terms. Also, people reading in bed with flashlights. This is annoying as these people make noise and the light flichering ultimately gets into someone's eyes. This should be banned or highly discouraged. In summery, to have 15 people in one room trying to sleep requires rules and rules should be enforced, not lax or party-atomophire attitude. Thank you for listening and I did enjoy my stay at your hostel and will recommend it to others.
Tuesday 21 June 2005 00:12 - Bangkok

The InnCrowd says:   Hi Joe

It's Ping, the girl who checked you in.

Thanks for the valuable feedback on the lights-out issue. Lights-out is supposed to be at 11.00 p.m., and I did instruct the night crew to switch off the lights at that time and to inform those who want to read to move to the communal area instead. At the same time, the night crew will replenish the toilet paper, tidy the place and make sure that the place is in good order. Sometimes, the night crew gets held up at the reception area and the lights-out is unintentionally delayed by half an hour or so. Having regard to your feedback, I'll highlight to the night crew the importance of adhering to the 11.00 p.m. lights-out policy and to remind them to carry out their duties diligently.

Even if the night crew turns off the lights at 11.00 p.m., there remains the possibility of guests turning on the lights again themselves to read, unpack, etc. To address that issue, we'll inform all guests upon check in that lights out will take place at 11.00 p.m. and that they should unpack, make their bed, etc. before that time to minimise disturbance to others.

Once again, thanks for your feedback and Happy Travels!

Shauli Raviv
Hey All
I'm back in Hanoi. Your place is just great! It is needless to say even one single word more!! I definitely will become a walking advertisement for your place.

Tuesday 21 June 2005 00:05 - Israel

Dr. Asghar Rana
Hello Ping & All Other Staff

I stayed at The InnCrowd Hostel for 3 nights. My stay was wonderful at your place. It was a real homely environment there. I met people from different countries, had chit chat with them.

The best thing I noted at your hostel was behaviour of the staff. I was really impressed by the friendly attitude of all the staff, the cleanliness was excellent too, specially at the kitchen.

I am definitely going to recommend this hostel to my friends visiting Singapore. Finally, I would say that all of you are doing a great job. Well done and keep it up. Thank you very much.
Monday 30 May 2005 20:48 - Malaysia

Hello All,

I have arrived home! I stayed with you last week and used your kitchen
as mine to cook some homemade meals that I had been missing so badly
for my whole month long trip.

Thank you so much for your amazing hospitality and clean living space
with beautiful IKEA accents. It was wonderful to be respected so well
by all who work with you. I cannot wait to come home to your hostel
and the beautiful city that I love, Singapore!
Monday 23 May 2005 22:00 - San Diego, USA

Gord Barentsen
I wasn't keen on hostels at ALL...before I stayed here for about ten days. Safe, secure, friendly and helpful staff...what more can one ask for? Thanks to all the staff at TIC for a great stay!!
Tuesday 17 May 2005 12:48 - technically, Canada

Hi there, thanks for the good time we had at your hostel. Everything was great and Moritz and me can really recommend it. Especially the freindly stuff was the thing that makes the difference. Thanks to all
Saturday 14 May 2005 21:53 - Paris, France

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Friday 13 May 2005 00:48 - Tokyo JAPAN

We certainly won't forget the personal contacts we had during our short stay and the kindness shown by the staff and tourists.
It was a stimulating experience for us.
We look forward to seeing you again.
Thank you so much.

Dita, please make a trip safely!
Vikki, we are looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo.
Thursday 12 May 2005 14:26 - Tokyo JAPAN

Aidan Glynn
You guys are all fantastic and I will highly recommend the inn to all my mates travelling through Singapore in the future. Keep up the good work and no doubt i will see you all again in the future.

Cheers and spot you in the long grass.


Sunday 8 May 2005 23:30 - UK

Daniel Lemon
I want to thank every single person who worked and stayed in the Inncrowd for making my 1st week on my year long around the world trip a truely awesome one!
Couldn't have asked for a nicer bunch of people. you all made it so easy to live and get around and just be in Singapore.

You were all stars!

Next time i'm in your neck of the woods again, i will definately without hesistation come back to stay.

Thank you again.
Friday 22 April 2005 22:07 - Luton, England

Anton Post
Hi to the friendly and helpful staff at the InnCrowd!

Just thought I'd drop you a note to say I'm currently in Hanoi, Vietnam. The bike gave a few more troubles in southern Thailand, but overall it has been a trouble-free and enjoyable trip.

They don't pay me to say this, but so far yours has been by far the most helpful and friendly guesthouse, although being fluent in English is a big help! :-) The Manh Dung Guesthouse in Hanoi is on a similar level of friendliness by Vietnamese standards, but not quite as happening (they, too, have opened up a 2nd branch just up the road) - I hear Lonely Planet has good things to say about them too.

I am intending to enter China tomorrow and get to Japan in a couple of weeks.

See you again sometime,
Monday 18 April 2005 17:51 - Hanoi, Vietnam

Your Hostel was Bullseye for me and it felt like an oasis when I wanted to chillout and have a restfrom busy Singapore. That's for your help and whenever I'll come back to Singapore I'll door! lol, just kidding!;)

See you in a couple of years!
Monday 18 April 2005 16:39 - Sydney at the moment

Hey InnCrowd,

Thank you soooo much for having me, you have such a great, clean and handy hostel with helpful and friendly staff. Will definitely stay there again when I come back to Singapore. I've already passed the word around for people going to Singapore soon.

Thank you
Monday 11 April 2005 14:17 - New Zealand

Meredith Calhoun
Hey InnCrowd,
You are all Beautiful! Take care of yourselves! Had an amazing time here.....
New Asia Bar Cocktails 50% off everynight, 3 - 9 pm!
Bukit Timah, Great!
Chinatown and Little India.
Sentosa only if you have ex-$
Have fun!
Love you all,
Sunday 3 April 2005 23:21 - UK

Dear All,
Just wanted to say Thank You :-)
Amazed at your abilities to be happy and helpful at the same time!!
Wishing you all the best!
E-mail if you are coming to UK.
Sunday 3 April 2005 23:15 - UK

Aunty Cag
Hi Nick & Ali,

The InnCrowd looks fantastic - glad to hear you are having a fabulous time.

Love to you both
Cag, Dave Anna & Robyn xxxx
Thursday 31 March 2005 00:16 - Smithybridge Lancaskire UK

ted and melissa
lovely time with the super helpful bunch yoiu are. absolutly enjoyed every bit of our stay! we have already passed on the inn crowd to a few people since leaving a week ago.
Thursday 24 March 2005 13:42 - from hawaii

To Ping and all the staff.

Well guys my stay wouldn't of been the same without you. Great bunch of people who welcome you like one of the family NOT just a backpacker. Excellant hostel, very clean with great facilities. If your ever in Ireland please contact and maybe i can return the favour.
Thanks for a very enjoyable stay
Sunday 20 March 2005 11:14 - Wexford Ireland

Tom Briggs
Fantastic place to meet people and make new friends. Great staff, very helpful and friendly.
Tuesday 15 March 2005 22:58 - USA

I was in Singapore and I stayed at the inncrowds. I must say its really clean and organized. I crew there was great and they never ran out of beer, plus it was quite cheap compared to other bars and club. I met some really interesting people there and I made tonz of new friends. It was my first time staying at a hostel and I dont regret it. Keep up the good work guys. Singapore was awesome!!!! muuaahhhz
Tuesday 15 March 2005 22:45 - Singapore

The Inn Crowd was definately the best hostel I stayed at. Thanks to the lovely staff and to little india ...
an unforgetable stay!!
Monday 14 March 2005 16:24 - Germany

Lawrence Tom and Owen
To all...stayed here for 8 nights and felt as if we wanted to stay many more. The facilities were great and everyone was really helpful and very friendly. If you are in Singapore then stay at the Inncrowd. Plus they have the cheapest beer on the island!
Saturday 12 March 2005 23:20 - UK

To Hai, Dieter, Justin, Karen, Ping, Vicky, Pete + Spotty,

To quote "Just A Note" to say Thank You for my stay here at the InnCrowd. Without staying here I would have left liking Singapore but staying here I love Singapore ! Your hostel is 1 of a kind and the rest on my trip have a lot to live up too ! I even like cats now !

Cheers Guys You Are Fab ! You really make me feel part of the InnCrowd !
Friday 11 March 2005 08:02 - UK

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