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We understand and acknowledge your needs and requirement to keep on top of your multi-million dollar empire, hence, to help facilitate, we provide a complete host of technogically advance, cutting edge, state of the art office support equipment . Our Business & Trip Planning Center is equipped with the following facilities:

COT Telecommunication Communication System.

The POLITE COT Telecommunication System is an apparatus that allows two parties to effectively communicate vocally in real time. Our Coin Operated Telephone accepts 10, 20 & 50 cents coin and it comes in a funky shade of Orange. It's polite because after ending a call it says 'Thank You'.


Torn magazines, hastily jotted down email addys and telephone numbers are a thing of the past. Never fear losing the all important piece of given information with our simple yet effective Stapler. Staple the runaway, all important stock tips, telephone numbers and emails from your sworn blood brothers or sisters after a night of drunken revelry to your forehead or sleeves to better remind you of the strange faces you swear to keep in touch with the night before.

Punch File System

A truly advance and logical FILING system infinitely more stable than MS Windows' own latest NTFS File System. It strategically and consistently perforate two holes of equal diameter and distance to enable you to insert your documents into compatible RING type FILES. Ergonomically designed, paper droppings are contained in a compartment located on the underside for multi-tasking as confetti machine and such likes.

Cutting Edge - Cutting Edge

An instrument ranked together with the likes of the wheel and sliced bread. Our Cutting Edge utilizes a series of intentionally break apart sections on the sharply honed edge to maintain the, well, cutting edge. Most useful for the occasional parcel cocooned in sticky tape to thoughtfully protect against the accidental rip or tear while in the mail, so much so that it gives rise to the idea that it shouldn't have needed a box in the first place, just layers upon layers of sticky tape.

Guidebooks repair kit

Appreciated by Connoisseurs of Adventuring the world over. Knowing that the true adventurers amongst us will, more often than not, brush the sleeves of fate with instances fraught with peril and life threatening moments, from trekking through the treacherous terrains of Timbuktu to navigating the backwaters of Rochor Canal, from the elusive search of the Electronic Mecca into the shark infested depth of Sim Lim Square, or the drenching stupor of Thailand's Full Moon Parties, the traveller's trusted companion will weather through by your side through thick and thin, to guide and direct you to the nearest Mcdonalds' or starbucks'. In our effort to curtail the untimely death of our trusted companions, we offer the use of our fully comprehensive, but free, guidebook repair kit.

Latest News From Our In-House News Services

We are not here to disprove the fact that the world doesn't revolve around you, but to keep you informed of the latest issues and happenings and also to keep you abreast of errant dictators and inconsiderate, insecure tyrants who tries to thwart your travel plans with war-mongering and atrocities. We have BBC, CNN, The Straits Times, Channel News Asia, all, at your finger tips. The access to this wealth of information can be found in our web browser's "Favorites" folder.

World-Wide Regional Reference Library

We have implemented an electronic reference system employing the use of a worldwide information network. Hand assembled electronic components allowing virtual travel within your travels. You will be able to search from an infinite database on subjects and topics that are of interest to you using programmes called 'Search Engines'. This system of electronic searches and referencing is also known as "The Internet".

Medical Facilities.

We're well equip to handle most medical emergencies, that is, if they can be taken care of with Asprin or Tylenol. For life and death medical situations where more than Asprins are required, our up to date Y.P.T.D. comes into play. You will be able to get possibly the best in all branches of medical treatment from there. We are vigiliantly (annually) armed with the latest edition of the Yellow Pages Telephone Directory.

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