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Getting around Singapore is easy, as the island is small and the infrastructure is very well-developed. Many of the places of interest are within walking distance of each other, and the best way to see them is on foot. (Look under the various self-guided walking tours on the webpage for tips)


When you have to pay for transport, most times, you will find that the MRT (Singapore's equivalent of the subway, tube and metro) is your best option. It's efficient and affordable.


We're now using contactless smart cards (ez-link card) for both the MRT and our public buses. These are sold at MRT stations and bus interchanges for a discount price of S$13.00 (S$3.00 is the deposit) for the first six months. With this system you don't need to calculate the stages you are travelling and the price, this will be automatically deducted at the exit. (People can't underpay their fare anymore).

On boarding a bus, you'll see two grey card readers. You tap the card on one and the maximum fare is deducted for the rest of the journey. A green light appears and a beeping sound is heard. On exiting, tap your card on one of the card readers placed at the exit. The system will then re-calculate the correct fare and refund the difference to your card. You will be able to see the card value and the fare deducted on the screen.


Taking a cab should be your last resort, as it is more costly than the MRT and the bus.

As cab drivers can charge more when passengers call to book a cab, many cab-drivers have an annoying habit of refusing to stop for passengers without bookings. At times, you see plenty of cabs without any passengers, but none will stop when you try to flag them down. They will only stop when you dial the booking line.

Cab drivers can also charge more when passengers hail a cab after midnight. As it approaches midnight, you will also have difficulty trying to get a cab to stop. If you have to book a cab, these are the numbers to 3 different cab companies:-

CityCab Cash Bookings
Tel: (65) 6552 2222
Comfort CabLink
Tel: (65) 6552 1111
TIBS Skytrek Bookings
Tel: (65) 6555 8888

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