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These are the websites of our bunkies. It's mostly travel related.

Ant & Sams Big Adventure

Antony is a Business Analyst for "The Worlds Favourite Airline" and Sam was a stunningly beautiful Business Travel Consultant (and still is stunningly beautiful - Well Ant thinks so anyway) but gave up her promising career to jet off round the world with Ant. As you can imagine, it wasn't a particularly hard decision. You can follow them on their adventures around the world and catch up on their progress as they go, hopefully with a few action shots from their travels


Jean-Philippe Soule

Travel/documentary photographer Jean-Philippe Soule was born in France in 1966. He spent two years as a guide in the Mountain Commando Elite Special Forces of the French Army. He then immigrated to the States in 1987 where for 5 years he worked his way up through the ranks to manage a localization team at Microsoft. His thirst for adventure, extreme sports, and travel and a lifelong interest in world cultures took him to Asia for seven years of adventure. He trekked in the Himalayas, explored jungles in Sumatra and Irian-Jaya, Indonesia, lived for 6 months with a family of shamans among the secluded Mentawai tribe on the island of Siberut (www.nativeplanet.org/indigenous/mentawai) and lived in Japan for three years, learning the language and the intricacies of the culture. Most recently he led the three-year CASKE 2000 expedition through Central America that concluded in late 2001.


Around the World in a Viewfinder - What the Guidebooks Don't Tell You!

There are as many different ways to travel as there are countries in the world. Guidebooks attempt to address the general needs for a very broad spectrum of travelers. This website, produced by J-Philippe Soule and sponsored by Native Planet and Viewfinder Documentaries, is not a guidebook; rather it is a wonderful complement to your guidebook. The objective of this site is to promote vibrant, new type of travel: cultural tourism. We provide resources for travelers who want to experience the lifestyles and visit the lands of remote native communities. We have worked with many of these villages to develop their own tours, o r to develop infrastructure to receive visitors. Travelers can contract directly with villages, which keeps the profits local, instead of being diluted by outside tour operators. We believe that this kind of tourism is mutually beneficial. Travelers receive a cheaper, personalized, authentic experience and the communities in turn preserve their traditional lifestyles. We are sensitive to village politics and to travelers’ welfare, thus we only recommend places in which we have stayed and/or thoroughly investigated. Information does occasionally become obsolete so we invite travelers to help us keep our resources current. Mail us any time with updates.


Europe and a Backpack

The European travelogue of Tony Sarhanis


FIFTY50 - Punkrock from Leipzig, Germany


Gard Karlsen's Website (Norway)

Pictures & travelogues from trips to:
Milan/Venice - June 2003 * (NEW) Amsterdam - June 1999 *
China - March 2003 * South Africa - February 1999 *
Thailand - September 2002 * Thailand - September 1998 *
Dubai (UAE) - March 2002 * South Africa - Easter of 1998 *
Florida - October 2001 * Asia - Summer of 1997
Singapore/KL -November 2000 * South Africa - Easter of 1997
Mexico - March 2000 * Las Vegas - November 1996 *
London - June 2000 * Houston/Galveston - June 1995
Paris - June 1999 * Athens, Greece - May 1995


Dave Cooper's Website on Skating Mt Kilimanjaro

Eddy Matzger and Dave Cooper first humans to skate Mt. Kilimanjaro. Humans?


K&K World Tour

On Kathy: Ah yes, how to describe her? Let's ignore all the first impression cliches, the former accountant, pedicured, manicured, high flying socialite from Manhattan with the high powered job in software (can we really ignore that?).

On Kevin: Here is a reserved, laid back, techie goth that looks quite at home in the T-shirt, skate trousers and boots with rucksack on his bag (hey he even had long hair for a long time), who appears fed up with work and society and is ready to get away from here and now. And you probably think, ‘Yeah, not surprised he is going!’ But looks can be deceiving.


Lindsey Leaves London 2003

There was a young lady called Lindsey,
Whose interest in working was flimsy.
She packed a rucksack,
Said "I'm not coming back!"
And went off on a travelling whimsy.



Nomad Thoughts - My travel logue. An English written weblog/travel journal with stories from my journeys around the world.

The news, Uncensored - Breaking news and discussions regarding mid-east conflict.


Window on the world

We live in Australia, our families in England. These pages are our way of sharing our photographs, and will be of no interest to anyone not related.


All Rights Reserved. Text & Images Copyright 2002-2003 The InnCrowd.
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