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Ping's Paternal Grandmother

This is a series of short stories about my paternal grandmother, beginning with her childhood years in China and tracing her settlement in Singapore. They serve as a record of my family history, and give a first-hand account of the migration of the Chinese to Singapore. The short stories are written like an autobiography, and will be published on this website as and when I have the opportunity to speak at length with my paternal grandmother. - PING

My paternal grandmother is Chua Sok Cheng (Cai Shuzhen). She was born in 1921 on 7th day of the 8th month in the Chinese lunar calendar in a village in China. In early April 1934, she moved to Singapore with her mother and younger brother, to join her father. Her father ran a provision shop in Geylang. Geylang was where she met my paternal grandfather, who lived a short distance away from the provision shop. She and my paternal grandfather got married and started their family during the Japanese Occupation.

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