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Having visited various travel forums and conversing with travellers the world over, we came to realize that the common grouse amongst visitors to Singapore is that it is expensive, yet with little to see or do. There's some ring of truth to that when we're compared to other countries in the region, but it's also possible to see and do plenty here at no or low cost. Indeed, given our small land mass, the amount of things we offer certainly packs a punch!

We've worked out 10 different full-day self-guided tours. These self guided tours are FREE and have proven to be a hit for those who have gone on them.

Singapore is known for its cheap and mouth-watering food, but foreign visitors who decide to check out a hawker centre are usually at a loss as to what to order because of the sheer variety! What we attempt to do is to show the way, with a description of the food and where they can be found.

We've also picked out several festivals and events in Singapore which are definitely worth the stay to experience e.g. Thimithi, Ramadan, Thaipusam, and Chinese New Year.

There're many other attractions in Singapore, some of which are both expensive and not worth seeing i.e. clear tourist traps. We won't be recommending any of those. For tourists who are interested in the full array of attractions in Singapore, they can visit the Singapore Tourism Board's own website.

Singapore - A Traveller's Perspective.
- contributed by Stephen Morris

You could be in 5th Avenue New York, a market in Calcutta or in a corner of the Amazon rainforest.

That's how diverse Singapore is. Being 136km from the Equator brings lush vegetation that gives the humid air a slightly exotic feel. You can't pigeon-hole Singapore. Yes it has the most straight lines along its coastline than any other countries in the world. Chewing gum is definitely discouraged. Miss Marple would love it here, it's spotless.

In stark contrast to the uptight impression Singapore may unwantingly give, the warmth of the people tone down the harsh exterior by their healthy appetite for fine food, fine wine and hearty laughter. It's an eclectic melting pot for Asia. It's what London is to Europe. Rio to South America. It fully embraces Orientals and Asians from the far flung corners of the eastern world, while at the same time adopting the tastes of the west.

Slightly off the beaten track, the surrounding islands present beauty and a lifestyle that teleports you back six decades from modern-day Singapore. Drink fresh coconut juice, wade through swampy waters, admire the splendour of the trees while the tropical rainfall drops through palm trees on to the cobbled discovery trails.

We love the convenience of our cities, our fast cars, fast food, trains, timetables, lifts and esclalators. Well Singapore has all that too. But during the elbow shoving madness of the early morning rush hour, pause and ponder the 'Thot of the day: Holding a grudge is like being stung to death by one bee'. That's class.

You could sample the local Mee Siam noodle dish, or you could have a regular Maccy D's at double the price a stones throw away from each other. Have an onion bhaji for breakfast then chicken rice balls for brunch. Shop till you drop in Prada & Gucci, or peruse the antique indian craft market and barter for the statue of Vishnu. Sari's and sushi. Cockney and curried crab. Teriakyi and Tupac. Its true, you just can't pigeon-hole Singapore.


Chinatown, The Colonial District, Clarke Quay & Boat Quay.

chinese festivities

Starting your walking tour from the right place will save you time and ensure that you do not miss out on any of the places of interest. My pick would be to start the walk from.... More >>


Little India, Sim Lim, Arab Street, Bugis & CHIJMES.

flowers, a way of life...
Watch the garland-makers weave their red, yellow and white creations from roses, marigolds and jasmine. These colours symbolize love, peace and purity. On religious days, ladies adorn their hair with flowers. Widows are exceptions, as they are not allowed to beautify themselves. More >>


Geylang Serai, Joo Chiat, Marine Parade & Stadium Cove.

Geylang Serai
In the 1840s, after the British dispersed the Malay floating village at the mouth of the Singapore River, the Malays began to settle in the Geylang Serai area. In the result, Geylang Serai has for years been known as the Malay enclave in Singapore. More >>


Pulau Ubin & Changi Village.

Chek Jawa's Sunset 
Just a 10-minute bumboat away from Singapore's mainland lies Pulau Ubin ("Ubin"), a delightful rustic retreat teeming with ecological diversity. Ubin is certainly an "off the beaten track" destination. More >>


The National Orchid Garden, Orchard Road & Robertson Quay.

national past time: shopping
The Botanic Gardens hold over half a million species of plant life spread over 52 hectares of land. The best time to visit the Botanic Gardens is early in the morning, when the air is cool and fresh. In the mornings, joggers, those practicing various forms of Chinese martial arts, and residents in the area walking their dogs love to converge there. More >>


Waterloo Street, Museums, Marina Bay & Lau Pa Sat.

This is an interesting area, teeming with activity. You will find street vendors selling imitation Pradas, Oakleys, etc., medicinal men peddling Chinese herbal cures ("koyok") provide live demonstrations of their healing powers, trishaw riders, and shopkeepers selling all and sundry. Few tourists venture here, but it's definitely worth a trip. More>>


Sentosa & Geylang Food Safari.

Often criticized for being expensive, yet with little to see or do, Sentosa has slashed its admission fee to S$2. In any case, if you know how to plan your day there, a trip to Sentosa can be affordable and enjoyable. More >>


Jurong Birdpark, Asia Pacific Breweries, Raffles Marina & Holland V.

Be impressed by the 8,000 exotic and colourful birds from 600 species in this 20.2 hectare open-concept park. Thereafter, what better place to cool down than Asia Pacific Breweries, home of the ice-cold, award winning Tiger Beer. Further down, Raffles Marina is easily the most charming. Luxurious yachts and visiting yachtsmen are docked here. Alternatively, there's Holland V, one of the favourite chilling out haunts for the locals and expats. More >>


 The Zoo, the Heartlands & Newton Food Centre.

Toa Payoh Town Central

Few Singaporeans will think of taking a day trip to the suburbs, let alone foreigners. But, this is the only way to experience the "real" Singapore. Journey to one of Singapore's most mature town centres, Toa Payoh Central. More >>


Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Kranji War Memorial, The Singapore Racecourse & The Night Safari.

This 87-hectare reserve is an important refuelling point for migratory birds from as far as Syberia. The Kranji War Memorial is dedicated to 24,346 soldiers and airmen of the British Empire and Commonwealth during the Second World War. Also, watch out for over 1,200 animals of over 110 exotic species at the Night Safari. More >>


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