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We're constantly evolving, and thus, are in search of people with the X factor. We'd be stupid to pass up on someone who'd be an asset. A company is known by the people it keeps.

Our crew, comprising of backpackers and travellers, knows the diff that proper, practical and updated information makes. From obtaining visas to clubbing, food at 4.00am or just planning whatever time you have to spend in Singapore or around the region. Been there done that. But suffering the weakness that makes us human, we accord the same degree of respect shown.

We're staffed and helped by: It's going to sound like the start of a bad joke, but I assure you, it's not, it's a good one:

Disclaimer: Due to the constant fluctuation in customer personalities, we cannot be responsible for the mental stability of any one member of our staff.

Chelle & Kim

A sharp Aussie backpacker gal, Chelle, who has been back to Sg too many times for her own good. She's the hostel's Manager. She's good at what she does. She's a great human bean.

Together with the nose, ummm, Kim, an Adventure Guide from Sumatra, Indonesia.

Ping at WHistler
A Singaporean Ex-Lawyer gal, Ping. She's recently relegated her post of being the REAL boss to to pursue the infinitely satisfying role of being a JJM - JinJin'sMommy, and catnapping the hostel's kittens while she's at it. She's temporarily on a 20+ years maternity leave.
Hai at Whistler
A born and bred Singaporean, Hai, that's me. The gadget freak, handyman, plumber, electrician etc. Although over the hill and rolling down the wrong side fast, he's still pretty much into his 3rd? 4th? 5th childhood? Usually tied up with mundane stuff, like pondering the logic and fun of growing up.
A Singaporean RTW backpacker, Chennie. Easy going, down to earth. I was referring to the travel advice he dishes out to those who ask. One of the rare local persona that travels whenever the whim takes him, literally.
A Singaussie Foodie, Faith, a self professed chef. Not a bad thing considering that we get plied with lotsa 'experimental' food. A bright and cheery gal always ready with a smile.
A Wee Musical Scottish Laddie, Andy. A cryptic sense of humor, cryptic insights. A guy after my own heart. An immensely personable guy to be working with. Just like totally wicked.

There're quite a few of our other friends that hop over to chill, whom we call on time to time to help out when our outings, events, celebrations, scooter tours etc gets a bit too big for just us to manage.

As diversified as this bunch maybe, we share the common bond and passion that the experience of travel brings, good company hearty laughter and good company. This completes the family picture, well, almost.

We see no need to punish, deceive, or compromise yourself, because you want to stay employed. Here, we believe that if you choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. So, if reading this arouses a sense of Deja Moo (The feeling that you've heard this bull before.), it's not.

If you're looking for a place where your energy and ability will make a difference in the lives of travellers, it could possibly be here. You don't have to be outright crazy to join to us, just a hint will do.

Pottering about in flip-flops and shorts belies our mission and the nature of what you'd be doing. As much we'd like to fill you in on details about our little setup, we'd also like to hear from you about how you'd like to fit in. So if you think you've got the aptitude and keen to try something different. Write "", attach your resume, a picture and we'll work it from there.



A quick guide to our contentsThe InnCrowd's travel forum All about our little hostel in SingaporeThe stuff peeps been saying about us

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